DAVES GYM Queen’s Jubilee opening times
May 26, 2022

New Sunbed at Daves Gym

Luxura VEGAZ 9200 Highbrid
The 9200 Highbrid combines the blue PREMIUM lamps with PREMIUM red lamps and therefore ensures excellent tanning results, with a touch of skin care. In addition, the UV-LED Tanning booster is included as standard for the 9200 Highbrid.

The 120 LEDs in the VEGAZ UV-LED Tanning Booster realize an immediately visible and better tanning effect and thanks to a unique reflector housing, the LED light is optimally spread over the face.

An optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation. Combined with the red lamps, the PREMIUM lamps create excellent tanning results, with a touch of skin care.

The VEGAZ shoulder tanner offers the solution for every challenge, even for those parts of the body that are more difficult to tan. The integrated shoulder tanner, together with the new highlight of VEGAZ, the neck reflector, guarantees the perfect tanning result in the neck and shoulder area.

SoundAround plus
Pump up the volume with SoundAround Plus! Go for ultimate relaxation during the tanning session with great surround music. SoundAround Plus offers four external audio channels that can be connected at the entrepreneur’s discretion.

Bluetooth is part of the SoundAround plus feature. Thanks to the Luxura Bluetooth system, sun lovers can wirelessly stream their own music during the tanning session. With a smartphone or tablet you can easily connect to the Bluetooth transmitter of the sunbed.