Covid FAQ

1What will happen to my membership?
As we have lots of different membership options , please ask at reception where we will advise you or email
2Do I Need To Book The Gym?
You no longer need to book for the gym. We have reviewed our booking system and suspended it for gym sessions.
3Do I Need To Book a Class?
Yes, classes need to be booked online so we can manage the occupancy due to Government guidelines. Book Now
4Will all the equipment be in use?
No, some of our equipment will be out of service for social distancing purposes.
5Will there be any changes to my gym's opening hours?
No, our opening hours will be the same as they were before lockdown.
6Can I pay as a non member/daypass ?
Yes you can £6 non member/daypass
7Is there a time limit on my visit to the gym?
We're asking members to spend no longer than 1 1/2 hours exercising so that everyone can use the gym. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and you'll be informed if we're able to relax this.
8Are Toilets / Showers / Lockers / Changing Rooms Available?
Toilets, Changing Rooms and Showers will be available. We ask you to please arrive ready to exercise with the least personal belongings as possible to limit the use of changing rooms and lockers.
9Do I need to arrive ready to workout?
Please arrive ready to work out to avoid using the changing room and lockers.
10Can I bring a towel?
No please don’t bring a towel, due to Government guidelines.
11Can I take my bag into the gym
No bags allowed in the gym, in line with government guidelines