The Booster Hybrid Intense
October 18, 2020
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November 9, 2020

We are once again totally devastated that the Covid axe has fallen on Gyms for the second time this year.

(GYMS WILL CLOSE across England under the new lockdown measures, announced by Boris Johnson on Saturday, October 31st. 
The severe new restrictions will come into effect on THURSDAY, November 5th and will last until December 2nd)
We are however very much OPEN in the meantime with bussiness as usual.💪
Sunday 6am – 4pm 
Monday /Tuesday /Wednesday- 5am – 9.30pm 
Classes ; 
Sunday ; 
Insanity @ 10.30am 
5 of the best @ 10am 
Pilates @ 6pm 
20/20/20 @ 7.15pm
Kettlercise @ 8.30pm 
T.S.T @ 6pm 
Pump that Body @ 7.15pm 
T45 @ 8.30pm 
Insanity @ 9.10am 
Pilates @ 10.15am 
Kettlercise @ 6pm