Our Story part 3 #davesgym

Our story part 2 #davesgym
March 4, 2022
Our Story Part 4 #davesgym
March 6, 2022
Daves Gym Winnington.
As the Gym took off ,
We hosted the 1984 Northwest Countries Weightlifting Competition @The Youth Club .🏋️
Hit the Bodybuilding Stage 🏆
Had not One but two World Champion Powerlifts 🏆
Had Northwich’s Fittest Man not once but twice🏆
Won single event Powerlifting Competition’s ie Bench Press or Squats 🏆
Ran Northwich Strongest Man and King of the Line Stongest Man in Crewe …Where are boys always did us proud 💪👊🏆
Oh and Dave meet Jet and Lightening Gladiators (if you know ,you know!)😍