The Mather family Daves Gym EST 1973

Gym and Sunbed Opening Times
August 3, 2018
Five Of The Best Monday 10am
August 5, 2018

David Mather
Dave first founded the gym in 1973 originally at Winnington with just one small room to train in. Now in his seventies, you will still find him regularly at the reception in Northwich.

Joyce Mather
Joyce is Daves wife and been actively involved with the gym from almost the beginning. Although no longer taking the Step classes like she used to, again Joyce can still be seen working on reception

Karen Mather
Karen, daughter of Dave and Joyce, has been involved in the business since being a teenager and now runs the gym on a daily basis with duties such as coordinating fitness classes, has taken classes in the past and even competed in bodybuilding competitions in her youth

Neil Mather
As the son of Dave and Joyce, Neils role in the business is also hands on, he is in charge of ordering new equipment and supplements and maintenance of machines. He also took Step classes almost every night for twenty years.

Kath Mather
Neils wife has worked at the gym since 2008, helping at reception and is a qualified aerobics, Insanity and pilates instructor

Billy Mather
The latest recruit to the business, Neils son joined the team on leaving school in 2012. Now a qualified fitness instructor he also helps at reception.