We are back open Wednesday 2nd 5am.
November 28, 2020
December 17, 2020


We have missed you all so much! We are delighted to be welcoming you all back, with a massive heartfelt thank you for all your continued support. We are sure like us that you are raring to get back to training and some sort of normality, whatever the new normal is. Our main priority is to keep you, our staff and ourselves safe and well.

We ask that if you do feel unwell or have a cough or a temperature that you do not attend the gym, following the Government guidelines.

We have been industrious during lockdown so you can rest assured that the whole site has been deep cleaned and sanitised ready for our reopening. In line with Government guidelines we have made some changes for all our safety.

We have:

  • Opened up our reception to make it larger and more spacious and installed protective screens and hand sanitisers.
  • Increased and enhanced our cleaning routines using virus certified antibacterial products (cleaning staff will be wearing PPE).
  • Invested in a fogging machine to disinfect and sanitise all equipment. This will be carried out twice a day in a closed building.
  • Installed self sanitisation stations in key areas around the gym and studio (complete with antibacterial spray, paper towels and hand sanitisers).
  • Installed antibacterial wet wipe stations in key areas in the gym and studio.

Please arrive ready to exercise with the least personal belongings as possible to limit the use of changing rooms and lockers. Contactless payment is preferred.

Follow social distancing rules in all areas to help us keep our business open.

At present we are not asking you to wear a mask (although you may if you wish).

Our policies may change at any time in line with Government guidelines.

Please show respect to all other members and our staff, it is new to us all.


We ask that:-

  • You wipe equipment before and after use and then sanitise your hands.
  • You only train once a day.
  • You limit your training to no longer than 1½ hours per session.

Some machines will be out of use to comply with Government guidelines and social distancing measures.

No bags allowed in the gym, in line with government guidelines

Air conditioning will be in use but not wall fans.


We are delighted to welcome back all our instructors Kath, Beth, Lorraine and Natalie.

Class numbers are now limited (we hope this is only a temporary measure) so we will be operating a booking system.

Bookings can only be made 3 days in advance and we will send you a confirmation email. (Please check in your spam/junk mail if not received)

Please see our revised timetable and book on our home page.

Unfortunately this be on a first come first served basis.

If you book a space and then feel unwell or unable to attend please cancel asap so your space can be reallocated.

Spaces have been marked out on the studio floor in line with social distancing, for your safety.

Please arrive at the allocated time for your class to allow time for sanitisation of equipment.

Sign in at reception before entering the studio.

All equipment and mats will be sanitised before your class but feel free to bring your own if preferred. However please do not bring your own towel.

Please note: The studio air conditioning will be used but not the wall fans.


Come and say Hello at reception before using the sunbeds for the first time since lockdown.

You will be required to complete a “client card” which we will retain, asking for your personal contact details.

Please sign in each and every time you arrive.

Goggles will no longer be provided therefore we will issue you with wink.ease eye protectors.

You will be able to purchase goggles at reception for personal use.

Each room will have its own sanitisation station with virus certified antibacterial spray, paper towels and hand sanitiser.

Please bring the least personal belongings possible.

Please note: We no longer have a sunbed waiting area so only users of the sunbeds should attend.